Invisible Places, Sounding Cities

Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place

18–20 July 2014, Viseu, Portugal

Often acoustic space is ignored in the construction of a public space, yet the negative impact this has does not seem to get many complaints. People rarely require more quality of the sonic world, because the average consumer does not have the necessary references to change this state of affairs. We know that the prevalence of noise or sounds that do not convey any social significance and are a disturbance of the quality of life, reduces the ability to identify with the place we inhabit. It is therefore urgent to think about the acoustical problems societies are facing today and integrate that thinking in urban planning, architecture and management of public space, because the idea we have of ourselves, our personal awareness and the relationships we build in the external world, are inextricably linked to a space. We all exist somewhere. And personal identity also relates to this.

Important Dates


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Scientific Committee


You are invited to submit theoretical, practical or experimental research work that reflects on the idea of Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place. Abstracts should be submitted through EasyChair.


Researchers are invited to submit theoretical works on (but not limited to) the following topics:

Audio Works

We invite artists to show sound pieces approaching the subject of “Sound and Sense of Place”. We are interested in artistic works that raise awareness to the urban soundscape and that reflect critically on how cities are growing and being planned around the globe.

Works will be presented in the listening room in formats that can vary from stereo to 8 discrete channels. There is no implicit limit to the duration of the submitted works, however, we will only accept fixed media works and not performances. Please submit an abstract and a link for a download of the recording via EasyChair.

Presenters of audio works should pay registration if they wish to present the work in the symposium. Non presenting authors do not need to register.


Travel Info


Distance: 130 km, average time: 1 hour 30 minutes

By car: From Porto, take highway A1 towards Lisbon; take the exit for A25/E80 to Aveiro/Viseu in the direction of Viseu; already in Viseu follow the directions for the Centre. Estimated cost: 60€

By bus (recommended): Get from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport to the central bus station in Batalha square in Porto. Near the Batalha square in Porto, you can catch a bus to Viseu, departing from Aliança Garage, located at Rua Alexandre Herculano. The average price per person is 11€.

Lisboa – Viseu

Distance: 320 km, average time: 3 hours

By car: From Lisbon follow in highway A1 towards Porto, take the exit for A25/E80 to Aveiro/Viseu in the direction of Viseu. Already in Viseu follow the directions for the Centre. Estimated costs: 100€

By bus (recommended): Get from the Portela airport to central bus station in Lisboa Sete Rios. In Lisboa Sete Rios bus station, you can take a bus directly to Viseu. The average price of a bus ticket per person is around 18€.

Recommended Hotel (special price for participants)

Other hotels in Viseu


The municipality of Viseu welcomes and supports, in the context of their promoting policies of cultural awareness, urbanism and sustainability, the organization of the international symposium “Invisible Places Sounding Cities”, with the scientific endorsement of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, a global institution dedicated to promoting research and consciousness of acoustic ecology. The attraction of researchers and artists from different parts of the world will allow to perform an urban artistic intervention in the field of sound through installations and performances enrolled in the festival program “Jardins Efémeros - Ephemeral Gardens”, in Viseu.